Prepared Hero Privacy Pen Reviews – Real Electronic Spying Tool or Cheap Device?

  • Thursday, October 19, 2023 12:12pm
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Prepared Hero is an innovative device designed to help protect you and your family by uncovering electronic spying devices. The electronic spying detector feature prevents you from being a victim of illegal surveillance. Additionally, the tool is also effective in protecting its users from high-tech criminals.

The handheld device also helps guard privacy by easily locating GPS tracking devices. It features a small and compact design that is travel-friendly and can be used as a burglar alarm. In this review, we will discuss everything that you need to know about the Prepared Hero.

What is a Prepared Hero?

Prepared Hero is the ultimate device that helps protect your family and detect electronic spying. The device helps protect privacy as it easily finds hidden GPS devices on your vehicle or slipped into a pocket or purse. The smart tool helps safeguard you against electronic spying through wireless and wired hidden devices.

Additionally, the Prepared Hero features a small, compact, and portable design that makes it ideal for traveling. It also comes with silent trackers that help expose hidden cameras in your home, Airbnb’s, changing rooms, and hotels. This allows you to remain safe from high-tech criminals and thrill seekers.

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Why choose Prepared Hero?

There are several reasons you should consider buying a Prepared Hero Privacy Pen. Some of the major reasons include:

One Sweep: Prepared Hero allows you to detect electronic spying in one sweep. Within a few minutes, you uncover covert surveillance devices. This means even the most advanced tech devices can be located and removed.

Includes Burglar Alarm: Prepared Hero comes with a burglar alarm that alerts you when the door has been opened. The feature helps prevent burglaries and protects your family.

Discreet and Travel Friendly: The smart device has a small, compact, and portable design that makes it travel-friendly. Apart from the compact and lightweight design, Prepared Hero includes a silent mode. The feature comes in handy when in public locations.

Detect Hidden Cameras: As mentioned above, Prepared Hero helps uncover hidden cameras to prevent illegal surveillance. You need to sweep the pen around your room and an alarm with lights rings to show the hidden devices.

Finds GPS Tags and Audio Bugs: Prepared Hero Privacy Pen helps find GPS tags and audio bugs, letting you know whether other individuals are tracking your vehicle.

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6 Critical Scenarios You Need the Hero Privacy Pen

Here, we look at instances where you need a Prepared Hero Privacy Pen more than ever. These include:

Hotel Horrors

The Hero Privacy Pen helps you protect people from hidden cameras in your home, hotels, and restrooms.

Unknown BnBs

The Privacy Pen helps uncover spying devices within minutes. This will ensure you can identify dangers due to a lack of awareness.

Your Own Home

The device enables you to outsmart tech intruders and protect your home and family from unseen threats. As mentioned above, it can also sound an alarm when the doors in your hotel or home have been opened secretly.

Changing Rooms

Prepared Hero helps you detect secret cameras in changing rooms. This allows you to guard your privacy in spaces where it matters the most.

Your Purse, Jacket, or Car

With the Privacy Pen smart device, you can locate GPS tags and audio bugs that criminals use to track you and the car. This helps counter stalkers who use popular GPS tags to monitor your movements.

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Main Benefits

As discussed above, Prepared Hero Privacy Pen offers numerous benefits. These include:

  • Reliable, fast-charging
  • Can detect silently
  • TSA approved device
  • Simple to use
  • Detect GPS and audio tags, cameras
  • Small and discreet


What Customers Have to Say

One customer claims to have used the Prepared Hero Privacy Pen at a friend’s place and around her home. According to her, the device is lightweight, great, and easy to carry around. She also claims that the device works well as it picks every signal device.

Another customer claims that the Hero Privacy Pen is her personal bodyguard and is a wonderful gadget. She now claims to feel safer and sure her daughter’s privacy is well protected.

Another buyer says they enjoy using the product as it is considerably easy to use. Prepared Hero fits perfectly into your hand, making it travel-friendly. This protects you from electronic spying and your privacy while traveling. Another customer claims to use the device in motels and hotels.

Finally, another customer, an Army Military Police Captain, advises you to carry the device around and always keep it turned on. The device helps guard your privacy, especially with the more sophisticated hidden cameras on the market today.


The Hero Privacy Pen is available on their official website at a 50% limited-time offer. The manufacturer offers free shipping on all orders above one purchase.

  • One Hero Privacy Pen $59.99 + $4.99 Shipping Fees
  • Two Hero Privacy Pens $57.99 Each + Free Shipping
  • Three Hero Privacy Pens $55.99 Each + Free Shipping
  • Four Hero Privacy Pens $53.99 Each + Free Shipping
  • Five Hero Privacy Pen $49.99 Each + Free Shipping


Prepared Hero Privacy Pen comes with a 30-day 100% satisfaction money back, which allows for a risk-free purchase. Additionally, the device is built to last as it comes with a year warranty. If you are unhappy with the product, you can contact them within 30 days after purchase for a full refund.

  • support@preparedhero.com
  • +1 888-457-2672

Prepared Hero Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are they difficult to use?

A. No. The Hero Privacy Pen is relatively easy to use, with only a few buttons. Additionally, the device comes with a detailed instruction booklet and provides access to a complete explainer video showing you how to use this device in various scenarios. This includes audio devices, wireless and wired secret cameras, and GPS trackers.

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Q. What is the size of the device?

Prepared Hero is approximately 5.31” X 0.87” X 0.47”, the same size as the normal magic marker. This makes it portable and ideal for travel as it is also a TSA-approved device.

Q. How long does it take to charge the Prepared Hero?

A. The device charges completely within a half hour to forty-five minutes with the included Type C USB cable. The rechargeable battery will function for 45 minutes even if you are using the device.

Q. Can it detect hidden items silently?

A. Yes. The Hero Privacy comes with a silent mode setting. This allows you to switch the detection alert from audio to silent when necessary by pushing a button.

Q. Where does it ship from?

A. The device can be shipped across North America, including Canada and the US. According to the manufacturer, all domestic orders are shipped through USPS from their warehouses in the US. Once you place the order, you will receive a tracking number via email. Usually, delivery takes two to four business days. However, some customers may receive their orders within the next day, depending on the location and processing time.

Q. What kinds of devices can Prepared Hero detect?

A. Prepared Hero can detect a wide range of wired and wireless devices. These include GPS tracking devices, hidden cameras, cell phone signals, and listening devices.

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Final Word

In conclusion, a Prepared Hero Privacy Pen is indispensable for safeguarding your family and privacy from electronic spying and covert surveillance. It features a compact, travel-friendly design and powerful detection capabilities, making it a reliable companion in various critical scenarios, from hotel stays to changing rooms and even within your home.

Including a burglar alarm feature adds an extra layer of security, enhancing its value further. Customers have attested to its effectiveness and ease of use, affirming its status as a personal bodyguard against modern privacy threats. With a fast charging feature, TSA approval, and the ability to detect silently, Prepared Hero offers a comprehensive solution for anyone concerned about electronic spying and privacy breaches.

At a 50% limited-time offer on their official website, with free shipping for orders above $60. It offers an accessible and cost-effective means of protection. Backed by a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and a one-year warranty, the device offers a risk-free purchase, ensuring customer satisfaction and peace of mind. Prepared Hero offers versatility and effectiveness and has been used by over 300,000 consumers as an essential tool in the fight against electronic intrusion.

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