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The quest to attain an ideal body weight and shape is a big challenge for most people. The current society besieged by a sedentary lifestyle and increased processed food intake makes the struggle to lose weight a more enduring and pressing concern. One of the biggest challenges faced by weight loss enthusiasts is the conflicting information on diets and exercise regimens. This information leaves individuals bewildered and vulnerable to quick-fix solutions and fad diets. Therefore, it could lead to unsustainable weight loss efforts and emotional distress.

Genetics also influences one’s ability to lose weight. Individuals genetically predisposed to store fat will struggle to lose weight or control their appetite. Psychological issues such as anxiety and stress can cause emotional eating and poor body image, thus creating complex challenges.

Therefore, exercise and dieting alone may not help in sustainable weight loss. Despite having a small impact on weight loss, dieting and exercise do not address the root cause of weight gain. Individuals need to maintain a high level of discipline and consistency to realize changes in their body weight. However, busy work schedules and other social demands make maintaining such a healthy lifestyle difficult. Therefore, it could lead to failed attempts, resulting in social stigma and self-doubt.

Weight loss supplements have become popular with many people trying to lose weight and reach their fitness goals. These dietary supplements support healthy weight loss by increasing the body’s metabolism and speeding up fat burning. Most of these formulas contain natural ingredients that claim to help burn fat. However, some may have additional artificial chemicals that adversely affect the body. Therefore, it is essential to review each supplement before purchasing.

PT Trim Fat Burn has gained a lot of attention in the past few months due to its proven effectiveness in getting rid of stubborn fat. Below is a review of the supplement and how it helps you attain a desired body weight and shape.

What is PT Trim Fat Burner?

PT Trim is a natural fat-burning supplement that helps eliminate stubborn fat on the belly, thigh, and arms. It contains purple tea as the main ingredient to help speed up the weight loss process. Unlike other fat-burning supplements, the supplement does not rely on restrictive diets. Therefore, you can continue enjoying your favorite foods.

The supplement does not contain any artificial chemicals, fillers, or preservatives. Each ingredient undergoes several tests to ensure that they are safe for consumption. It is also manufactured in an FDA-approved facility, and the process follows all GMP guidelines to ensure that each capsule meets all the manufacturing standards and quality.

How does PT Trim Fat Burner Work?


Studies reveal that everyone has a set point that determines the ability of the body to maintain its weight. Factors such as hormones, genetics, and environmental issues can directly affect the set point. Therefore, most people find it challenging to lose weight since the set point is genetically predetermined. The set point plays a vital role in controlling body weight. Therefore, the body will react towards any effort to lose weight by releasing hunger hormones to enable you to maintain the set weight. This phenomenon explains why keto diets, exercise, and intermittent fasting are not ideal for weight loss.

When exposed to such conditions, the body turns to a survival mechanism, asymmetrical biological control that prevents further weight loss. It increases the body’s ability to convert calories to fats. Therefore, most people give up on the weight loss process and accept their obese condition.

PT Trim Fat Burner helps reduce the set point, enabling you to lose excess fat and maintain a healthy weight. The supplement works by reducing appetite levels, thereby preventing you from cravings and overeating. It also boosts metabolism, ensuring that the body burns fat for energy. Therefore, you will release fat stores and lose weight effectively.

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Purple Tea

Purple tea is a unique camellia sinensis variant that grows specifically in the Kenyan highlands. Recently, the plant has garnered much attention due to its health and weight loss benefits. It is rich in anthocyanin, a powerful antioxidant that gives it its distinctive color.

Purple tea helps in weight loss by boosting metabolism. Studies reveal that anthocyanins in purple tea increase metabolism, thus allowing the body to burn more calories even while at rest. Increased metabolism increases weight loss by increasing the body’s energy requirements.

It also contains catechins that help in fat oxidation and prevent the absorption of fats into the tissues. Purple tea also helps regulate blood sugar levels, which helps control food cravings and reduce overeating. Other studies also show that purple tea improves insulin sensitivity and reduces the risk of sugar crashes and spikes.


GHG is a biochemical compound found in purple tea. It contains powerful antioxidant properties that offer several health benefits to the body. Studies reveal that GHG supports healthy weight loss by boosting metabolism, reducing appetite, and increasing fat oxidation.

Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia cambogia is a small green fruit popularly known for its weight loss ability. In other areas, it is referred to as the Malabar tamarind. The fruit contains hydroxycitric acid, which is crucial in weight management.

Garcinia cambogia supports healthy weight loss by reducing cravings and suppressing appetite. It increases serotonin levels in the brain, making you feel full. Therefore, it will help you regulate the amount of calories consumed.

Garcinia cambogia prevents fat synthesis by inhibiting citrate lyase, the hormone that triggers the conversion of carbohydrates to fats. Therefore, inhibiting the hormone’s action prevents the body from storing excess calories as fats, leading to weight loss.

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Green Tea Extract

Green tea extract is a product of the camellia sinensis plant. Studies reveal that green tea promotes healthy weight loss alongside other health benefits. Green tea contains catechins, such as EGCG, that help increase the body’s metabolic rate. These compounds increase thermogenesis to enable the body to burn fat for energy.

Green tea extract promotes fat oxidation, which helps break down stored fat to produce energy. It also stabilizes blood sugar levels, which can help minimize cravings for sugary foods. It also minimizes appetite by regulating hunger hormones such as ghrelin and leptin.

Green tea also contains powerful antioxidants that help combat oxidative stress and inflammation. Therefore, it allows one to maintain a healthy lifestyle by reducing the risk of chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular problems.


Berberine is a natural compound from different plants such as barberry, tree turmeric, and Chinese goldthread. Berberine is a common ingredient in several dietary supplements due to its numerous health benefits. Studies reveal that it can support weight loss by improving insulin sensitivity. Insulin is vital in converting calories to fats and regulating blood sugar levels. Therefore, improved insulin sensitivity helps minimize fat storage.

Berberine minimizes food cravings, leading to reduced calorie intake. It also promotes healthy digestion by improving the gut microbiota. Other studies reveal that berberine prevents the conversion of cells into fat cells, thus reducing the accumulation of fats in tissues.

Cissus Quandrangularis

Also known as the devil’s backbone, Cissus Quandrangularis is a versatile medicinal plant that grows in several parts of Asia and Africa. The plant has several health benefits, which include the following:

  • It improves joint and bone health
  • It helps in weight management by reducing appetite levels and increasing metabolism.
  • It contains antioxidant properties that help neutralize free radicals from the body.
  • It improves gastrointestinal health and alleviates issues such as ulcers and diarrhea.
  • It helps in regulating blood sugar levels.

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Benefits of PT Trim Fat Burn

  • It promotes faster and more sustainable weight loss by lowering one’s weight.
  • It helps individuals eliminate stubborn fat in the hips, thighs, and belly.
  • It suppresses food cravings, thus limiting the amount of calories taken
  • It regulates blood sugar levels and helps control blood pressure
  • It reduces the risk of heart disease by preventing the accumulation of bad cholesterol

How to Use PT Trim Fat Burn

One bottle contains 60 capsules, which is enough for one month. The recommended dosage is two capsules daily with a glass of water. One can take the supplement at any time of the day. It is essential not to exceed the recommended dosage to avoid adverse effects.

The supplement works differently for all individuals. Most users experience the effects within the first few weeks. However, the creator recommends taking it for at least three months for maximum benefits.

You do not require a prescription to order PT Trim, but it is important to consult a medical practitioner if you have any underlying health issues. Pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers, and children below 18 should not use the supplement.

PT Trim Fat Burn Pricing and Availability

The supplement is available online from the official website. The manufacturer limits the availability to protect buyers against fake products sold on unauthorized websites. You can also choose between three different packages with discounts increasing if you order in bulk:

  • 30-day supply – one bottle for $59 plus a small shipping fee
  • 90-day supply – three bottles for $49 per bottle plus free shipping
  • 180-day supply – six bottles for $39 per bottle plus free shipping

In addition, buyers will also get three gifts after purchasing the supplement, which includes the following:

  • The 14-Day Flat Belly Diet
  • The 24-Hour Fat Melting Protocol
  • PT Trim Slimming Smoothies

All orders are covered by a 180-day money-back guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied with your results, please contact customer service for more information about the return policy or any other questions you may have.

  • Email: support@pttrimfatburn.com

Final Word on PT Trim Fat Burn

PT Trim Fat Burn is a legit formula to help you eliminate excess fats. It provides a quick and effective solution that removes stubborn fat and prevents the accumulation of fats in certain parts of the body. The supplement is safe for use and has no adverse effects on users. Visit the official website and experience rapid weight loss using PT Trim Fat Burn.


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