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Medical experts contend that there is an increase in people suffering from anxiety and stress. The economic, social, political, and personal issues can affect mental health.

The Centers for Disease Control approximates that over 20% of Americans have mental problems, 31% suffer from depression and anxiety, and 11% are suicidal. Going by the above statistics, it is crucial to employ various stress management practices.

There are numerous methods of fighting stress and treating depression. Still, use of drugs for an extended period can result in nasty side effects. Other forms of combating stress, like yoga, workouts, and meditation, may not work for everyone.

Pulsetto is a wearable device using neuromodulation science to battle mental health and anxiety. How does the device function? Is it effective? What is the science behind the gadget?

What is Pulsetto?

Pulsetto is an innovative gadget using modern science to activate the nervous system (vagus nerve), thus reducing stress and anxiety. The wearable is user-centric and a non-invasive solution to fighting depression. The gadget can improve your physical and mental health, thus boosting your life’s quality.

According to the creator, Pulsetto can benefit those experiencing fatigue, pain, sleep problems, stress, and anxiety. Wearing the device induces electrical impulses, thus stimulating the vagus nerve. The Federal Communication Commission (FCC) supposedly certified the stress-managing device. It is marketed as a safe, reliable, and practical device you can wear as you go about your daily routines.

The Pulsetto is a comfortable device that you wear around the neck. The device has a standard neck fitting and is ideal for adults of all ages. The gadget pairs with the mobile application compatible with iOS and Android devices. You can download the Pulsetto app via the iOS App Store or Google Play and match it with your device.

The Pulsetto app has five stimulation programs and nine stimulation frequency ranges. Users must choose the program they need, including sleep, anxiety, burnout, stress, and pain management. Customers experience a slight skin-tingling sensation, indicating that the Pulsetto is working.

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How Does Pulsetto Work?

It takes a few minutes to wear and utilize the Pulsetto device. The gadget caters to five different needs: burnout, sleep, stress, anxiety, and pain management. Customers can choose the stimulation frequency between one and nine depending on their needs.

Pulsetto is a tVNS gadget proven to help you manage stress and pain, among other benefits. The mobile app modulates the frequency of its electrical signals. How does it work?

Lower Stress Levels

Pulsetto promises to help you control and lower your stress levels. The gadget uses innovative science to encourage the vagus nerve, altering biochemistry. You only need to wear Pulsetto in the approved manner to calm the neurotransmitters, alleviating stress.

The Pulsetto tVNS mechanism promotes tranquility and calmness. Activating the vagus nerve calms the brain, aiding the user to deal with stress safely and non-invasively; using Pulsetto to lower pressure is not instant. You may need several sessions to train the brain in fighting anxiety symptoms.

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Offer Pain Relief

Pulsetto uses a non-invasive technique to alleviate pain. By stimulating the vagus, the tVNS interacts with the parts of the brain responsive to processing pain. The developer states that the wearable can fight headaches and joint and muscle pain, thus improving your overall life quality. However, the use of Pulsetto in pain management calls for further research. Also, the wearable may only benefit some.

Boost Sleep Quality

Pain and stress can affect your sleep quality. Scientific investigations show that tVNS devices such as the Pulsetto can improve sleep quality. The device stimulates the sleep-regulating region of the brain, supporting the secretion of sleep-promoting hormones, including melatonin. Further, Pulsetto calms the nervous system, boosting relaxation and encouraging healthy sleep. Using the tVNS wearable regularly can improve sleep patterns and alleviate sleep disorders.

Manage Anxiety

Pulsetto can help your body alleviate anxiety and strengthen the stress response system. Wearing the gadget balances the cortisol levels, lowers the heart rate, and fosters relaxation. Using Pulsetto for a few sessions daily can minimize chronic stress.

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Pros and Cons of Pulsetto

  • Pulsetto is a light and flexible wearable
  • You may experience positive results within ten minutes
  • Pulsetto is easy to set up and user-centric
  • It can benefit individuals with chronic panic attacks
  • Pulsetto comes with an app containing calming and guidance audio
  • You only need to use Pulsetto for a few minutes daily
  • The tVNS device provides different modes and stimulation levels
  • It would help if you used the electrode gel to benefit from Pulsetto
  • Some people find the tVNS gadget uncomfortable
  • It is impossible to charge and use the device at the same time
  • You cannot wear Pulsetto and perform activities such as walking at the same time
  • The Science Behind Pulsetto


    Pulsetto is an implantable device designed to stimulate the vagus nerve in your neck. Activating the contraption sends electric impulses to the brain, from where it is dispersed to various regions depending on your needs. The electrical wave alters the brain chemistry, easing stress, depression, pain, and sleep disorders.

    Vagus Nerve Stimulation is a medically approved treatment for epilepsy and depression. Pulsetto is a neuromodulator that sends mild electrical energies to the brain stem in the vagus nerve in your neck. Some experts equate the vagus nerve stimulation devices to a heart pacemaker.

    Studies indicate activating the longest cranial nerve (vagus) can improve mental health and promote sleep. Pulsetto has two pads that activate the parasympathetic nervous system, relaxing the body.

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    How to Use Pulsetto

    Pulsetto is a user-centric device and ideal for users over 14. Below are simple steps for using the gadget for maximum benefits.

    • Apply the Pulsetto electrode gel to the sides of the neck. The gel is similar to the one used during body scans.
    • The gel aids in sending electrical energies to the longest cranial nerve, promoting relaxation and calmness.
    • Place the device on the neck, ensuring it fits comfortably
    • Pair the tVNS to the Pulsetto app via Bluetooth
    • Select the mode and stimulation level depending on your needs
    • Most people experience a slight tingling feeling after activating Pulsetto
    • Use the Pulsetto for 6-10 minutes daily

    Pulsetto Features

    • Pulsetto is non-invasive and drug-free.
    • It is purportedly a better alternative to fighting stress and pain compared to drugs.
    • Pulsetto is portable and lightweight
    • It is versatile, offering multiple stimulation programs and modes
    • Pulsetto can benefit users of different ages and built
    • The Pulsetto controls are easy to locate, press, and navigate
    • It has LED light that radiates to different colors, indicating different statuses
    • Pulsetto is rechargeable and requires minimal maintenance
    • Pulsetto is FCC-certified
    • Pulsetto customers

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the side effects of using Pulsetto?

    Pulsetto creator markets the tVNS gadget as relatively safe and unlikely to trigger adverse reactions. However, as with similar devices, some users may experience minor side effects, including nausea, vomiting, headaches, fainting, heart palpitation, prickling, itching and inflammations, and vocal hoarseness. Pulsetto maker suggests using the gadget as directed to lessen possible risks.

    How long should I wait for results after using Pulsetto?

    The results of using the Pulsetto tVNS gadget vary depending on the specific condition you are treating. The maker states some wearers experience an enhancement in their sleep patterns, pain levels, and moods after a few weeks of consistent usage. Still, people with severe symptoms, either because of age or injury, may notice rapid effects within three days. However, healthy individuals should expect results in under a month.

    Does Pulsetto fit all neck sizes?

    According to the maker, Pulsetto can fit most neck sizes comfortably. It is also flexible and adjustable.

    Why should I wear Pulsetto on my neck?

    Pulsetto stimulates the longest cranial nerve – the vagus on the neck.

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    How often should I charge Pulsetto?

    The device comes pre-charged and may not require initial charging. On full charge, the tVNS contraption can offer service for up to seven days.

    Is it possible to charge and use Pulsetto simultaneously?

    Pulsetto has an inbuilt safety feature preventing the users from using and charging it simultaneously.

    Can I use Pulsetto when performing high-impact physical activities?

    You can wear Pulsetto during low-impact movements at work or during a relaxing session. It only offers quality results when used during strenuous activities.

    How do I clean Pulsetto?

    The maker suggests wiping the electrode gel using a dry piece of cloth

    Are the Pulsetto’s electrical impulses dangerous?

    Pulsetto assures the user that the electrical energies are not precarious. Still, some customers may experience discomfort during the first few days.


    You can buy Pulsetto only through the official website. Customers receive the device, electrode gel, an instruction booklet, application, and a charging cable. A 21-day money-back guarantee covers each Pulsetto you buy.


    Pulsetto is a wearable gadget that can manage stress, pain, and sleep. It utilizes the science of activating the vagus nerve, which alters the brain’s chemistry and stimulates positive responses. It is a non-invasive and medicine-free solution ideal for users of all ages. Pulsetto is user-friendly, flexible, and adjustable. You can buy the tVNS device through the official website at affordable rates.


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