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Nutritionists recommend drinking adequate water to gain various health benefits. Regular water intake can supposedly aid in detoxification, thus protecting the body from chronic infections. Similarly, enough water supports healthy metabolism that can help in weight management.

There is a popular myth that bottled water is healthier than tap water. Unfortunately, experts claim that plastic bottled water is the leading cause of pollution and the growing number of cancer cases. In addition, disposable water bottles are over 3000% more expensive than tap water.

Some scholars claim bottled and tap water is “lifeless” and hence lacks the energy and minerals required for optimal body functions. Some crystals supposedly possess “healing” properties and can add “life” to ordinary tap water. SlimCrystal bottles have various “healing stones” that can give users energy and nutrients necessary to amplify health. Is the water bottle practical? What makes it unique? Continue reading this review to discover more about the SlimCrystal bottle.

About SlimCrystal Bottle

SlimCrystal bottles are high-quality glass water bottles comprising natural crystals to amplify overall well-being. The developer claims drinking water from the SlimCrystal bottles provides the body with the necessary energy and minerals to support weight loss, metabolism, energy, immunity, and overall well-being.

The elegant SlimCrystal bottles comprise nine types of crystals science proven to heighten energy levels. The creator claims that drinking water from a glass bottle facilitates weight loss even when users do not make any dietary or lifestyle changes.

Per the official website, various scientists purportedly test each SlimCrystal bottle. Similarly, professional glassmakers using a patented technology construct health-boosting water bottles.

Water in deep wells and springs is sweet and categorized as full of “life.” Some scientists claim that water from such sources enters the cells quickly and can support longevity and health. The significant difference between living and dead water is the hexagonal structure. Dead water has a pentagonal molecular structure that forces the body to use more power to process and utilize it. Living water’s hexagonal and molecular structure makes it healthier and full of energy.

Living water has a perfect molecular structure that allows fast cell absorption. As a result, it amplifies oxygen supply into the cells, which is essential in creating a natural balance.

Science and Hexagonal Water Structure in the Human Body

Scholars have proven that the hexagonal structure of the water within the body declines with age. Using state-of-the-art Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, scientists have demonstrated that newborns have perfect 100% hexagonal water. By 36, most adults have a hexagonal water percentage of about 56%.

Recent studies indicate that maintaining a high percentage of hexagonal water can augment health, support immunity, and reverse the nasty effects of aging. Quartz crystals in glass bottles can supposedly revitalize dead water and transform it into a perfect hexagonal structure of living water.

How Do SlimCrystal Bottles Work?

SlimCrystal bottles contain various quartz crystals possessing energetic properties. The water inside the glass bottle subtly absorbs the energy from the precious crystals, which is directly absorbed into the cells. The power in the crystals is not “mystic” but rather measurable electromagnetic frequencies.

The healing crystals supposedly use the same vibrations that enable the quartz watches to function.

The crystals in the SlimCrystal bottle and water do not mix. The high energy from the precocious stones subtly transfers to the water and into the bloodstream after each sip. The unique glass bottle has a separate chamber for the crystals.

The nine natural crystals in the SlimCrystal bottle are scientifically proven to enhance weight loss. They work by augmenting the metabolism by 23% and energy levels. Similarly, drinking the living water” from the elegant bottles can aid detoxification, reduce cravings, and enhance the digestive system.

The SlimCrystal bottle can enable users to increase their inner vibrations making it easier to attract abundance and happiness. It can assist users in adopting healthy eating habits and making better nutritional choices.

The Science behind SlimCrystal Bottles

The SlimCrystal bottle has a separate chamber for holding the precious crystals. The nine different stones do not dissolve in the water. Instead, the “healing” stones transfer energy and power to the water, thus altering its structure. SlimCrystal maker states that the crystals make the water have a hexagonal molecular structure making it healthier and sweeter than standard tap or bottled water. The different stone types include:

Clear Quartz

Studies indicate that clear quartz is a powerful stone that can develop mental clarity and brain health. It can supposedly aid users in making better food choices and reduce emotional eating. In addition, clear quartz can support immune response and homeostasis.


Amethyst stone is associated with fighting stress, balancing moods, and lowering depression. It can soothe the nerves and increase positive thinking. Some people use amethyst to dissolve negative thoughts and attract abundance.


SlimCrystal maker claims that the Moonstone can support inner growth and strength. Similarly, it amplifies motivation, positive thinking, and clarity.


Carnelian is proven to restore vitality and motivation. Carnelian can purportedly aid women in eliminating cellulite. In addition, it can support metabolism and weight loss.


Most emotional healers use the citrine gem to induce positive vibrations and emotions. It can stabilize moods and fight depression.


According to SlimCrystal maker, sodalite stone can make users adopt healthy eating habits and choices. Further, it may boost the metabolism and energy levels.

Green Aventurine

Ancient healers used the green aventurine stone to augment emotional healing and fight negative vibes. It can facilitate positive behavior changes and hinder unwanted negative thoughts.

Red Jasper

Red Jasper can supposedly strengthen the blood circulatory system and aid in detoxification. It can aid in removing toxins in the bile and liver, thus amplifying overall metabolic rates. Some healers claim that Red Jasper may accelerate healing after heart surgeries.

Red Agate

Red Agate is also known as the “Warrior Stone” because of its ability to boost vitality, stamina, and strength. It can supposedly support self-confidence, security, and emotional stability.


Benefits of the SlimCrystal Bottle

Collectively, the nine stones in the SlimCrystal bottle can:

  • Eliminate appetite and cravings, therefore, enabling users to achieve effective calorific deficit
  • The stones may accelerate the metabolic rates by up to 23 percent
  • It can rev up energy levels and support natural fat loss
  • It aids in the detoxification processes
  • It can balance the different hormones
  • The stones can induce positive thinking and stimulate positive vibes
  • It can help better sleep quality

Using SlimCrystal Bottle

Per the official website, most SlimCrystal bottle users maintain healthy digestion, lose excess pounds, and boost their energy levels after drinking water from the bottle. The maker recommends drinking two-three liters of SlimCrystal water daily for over three months. There is a difference in the texture of the water from the bottle, but the taste remains the same as the regular water.

It is easy to clean the SlimCrystal water bottle. The maker recommends washing the inner glass chamber and the bottle’s bottom by hand using water and soap. The other parts of the bottle can be washed in the dishwasher.

SlimCrystal water bottles contain crystals that do not lose their power even with age. The stones are naturally extracted from the earth. The bottle is purportedly made using high-quality glass. However, users must avoid dropping it, freezing, boiling, or microwaving the bottle.


SlimCrystal bottle is exclusively sold on the official website. A 60-day money-back guarantee protects each purchase. In addition, any order above two SlimCrystal bottles comes with several bonuses, including:

  1. Slim Over 55
  2. Healthy Fat Loss Desserts Cookbook
  3. Secrets to Reversing Aging

Final Word

SlimCrystal bottle is advertised as an elegant glass bottle containing nine natural stones that can support health. The healing properties of the crystals do not dissolve in water. Instead, the nine jade stones transfer the healing energy and positive vibes to the water, thus changing the hexagonal structure of “quality water.” Drinking water from the SlimCrystal bottle can accelerate digestion, support fat loss, increase energy levels, and boost mental clarity. The official website reports that users will notice an increase in positive vibes and better health after 3-6 months.



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