The Divine Prayer Reviews: Is It Legit? Religion-Based Manifestation Method That Works?

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The Divine Prayer is a manifestation program that helps consumers to change the direction of their lives without requiring major changes to their current habits. It helps users to rid their body of anxiety and push forward into the next step of their lives.

What is The Divine Prayer?

Manifestation is a concept that still has a lot of disbelief and wrong information surrounding it. Cloaked in the guise of the power that positive thinking might have, most programs don’t work. The methods that they describe in books and even through therapy sessions hinge on the user’s ability to do the impossible. The instructions are complicated, and companies fall back on the idea that anyone who can’t get the results is simply doing it wrong.

Leaving this much room for user error is nothing more than an error by the creators. They completely ignore that the true reason that these remedies work well is because they leave too much room for error. Most consumers don’t even realize that the programming in their heads will never let them achieve the manifestation that they hope for. They must unravel this programming to clear the mind enough to set the right frequency. That’s why so many consumers are gravitating towards The Divine Prayer.

The Divine Prayer invites consumers to take one minute out of their day to give themselves the power that they need for manifestation. The program doesn’t require consumers to be able to dive into their minds for access to the right manifestation methods. Instead, they created a simple track that users only need to listen to for a minute to get the benefits. They don’t need to remember any prayers or mantras, and they don’t need to do anything other than put their headphones on.

Using this technique helps consumers to manifest the abundance and wealth in their lives. It pulls from the knowledge and methods seen in Biblical times, appealing to spiritual consumers who want to put more into the world than they currently do. According to the creators, participating in this regimen makes it possible to establish a connection with God, sourcing his power to make it easier to bring abundance.

Consumers often gravitate toward this program because it helps them to break an ongoing cycle of poverty. They don’t worry about losing to everyone else for promotions, more money, and more happiness. They can start to receive blessings in their life so rapidly that it feels like magic. However, there’s no magic – just correcting the brain waves to get users out of their own way.

Prayer has consistently comforted people, placing much of their faith in a higher power. People have used it to connect with the universe and the divine for years. Praying opens the mind and heart to new blessings, which is part of the reason that it is so powerful. Engaging in this simple practice also helps consumers to adjust their mindset, which is exactly what they need for manifestation. Using The Divine Prayer allows consumers to encourage manifestation while feeling closer to God.

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How Does The Divine Prayer Work?

While the name of this program might imply that the manifestation is as simple as a prayer, it is so much more. The main idea behind The Divine Prayer is that there are no lessons that consumers need to think about. Instead, they listen to a 1-minute track with their headphones on. With this time, the audio of The Divine Prayer activates particular areas of the brain that unlock the manifestation potential.

To complement the audio track, users will also get a full manuscript of the entire program. This program provides consumers with all of the different details that they might need to know about the audio, and they’ll learn how to overcome the roadblocks that they’ve faced in the years before. All the user has to do is be ready to listen by 9:00 p.m. every single night.

Users don’t need to do anything while the meditation happens. Once they find the quiet and relaxing space they want to sit in, they just start the track and listen. Since consistency is so important, consumers must set an alarm for this nightly routine to remind themselves. Users can lie back and close their eyes, letting the vibrations of the track immerse the mind fully.

Though users will only need to listen to the program once a day, they can continue to remind themselves of the affirmations in it all day long. As they encourage themselves through the day, they bring the energy of meditation to everything they do. Thousands of people have already tried the program, discovering that it is a helpful way to improve the progress in their lives.

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Buying Access to The Divine Prayer

At the moment, the only way that consumers will be able to purchase The Divine Prayer is if they go through the official website. Accessing this one-minute prayer and complete manuscript only costs $67. The purchase is a one-time fee, giving users lifetime access to the materials.

Consumers willing to try out this program will have access to bonus gifts for a limited time with the current promotion.

Bonus Gifts

Even though consumers already get plenty of value in the primary curriculum of The Divine Prayer, the creators decided to make the purchase even more valuable with bonuses. The content is not required to get the desired benefits, but engaging can make the entire program more palpable.

The first of the bonus gifts is God’s Chant. This digital program focuses on Genesis 1:27, which says, “God created man in His own image.” While this verse is not meant to imply that humans are just like God, the program dives into the way that the mind changes when using The Divine Prayer. According to a Stanford neuroscientist, this chant from ancient cultures can help users train their brains to be more receptive to learning.

The second bonus guide is a digital program as well – The Holy Body. The Holy Body is based on 1 Corinthians 6:19-20 – “Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God?” This part of the program focuses on helping with weight loss through natural and holistic practices. This practice combines spiritual and physical work that helps users improve their bodies without any changes.

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Frequently Asked Questions About The Divine Prayer

Q. What will users have to do to get the abundance promised in The Divine Prayer?

A. The creators explain that users will have a one-minute prayer to listen to at the end of the day at 9:00 pm. According to the creators, listening to this track is the only change in the routine that users need to take on to get results.

Q. Can consumers use The Divine Prayer more than once per day?

A. Absolutely. However, the reason that The Divine Prayer works is because it is consistent. Consumers are encouraged to use the program at the same time every night. However, if they decide to listen to it more frequently, they need to stay consistent either way.

Q. Are there any other opportunities to purchase products from the creators of The Divine Prayer?

A. Yes. At checkout, consumers can add on a guide called The 101 Biblical Affirmations for Health, Wealth, and Love. This extra guide affirms users of the Holy Spirit for $27, pushing them to manifest faster than ever before.

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Q. What if the user doesn’t get the benefits that The Divine Prayer promises?

A. To ensure that no customer walks away unhappy, the creators offer a 90-day money-back guarantee. Customers can call any time during the first three months of use, getting a refund if they aren’t experiencing the changes.

The customer service team is available for any other questions or concerns by emailing:

  • support@thedivineprayer.com


The Divine Prayer makes it possible for anyone to manifest without having to dedicate hours of their week to meditation and exercise. The program is perfectly balanced in a way anyone can take advantage of by listening consistently. There are no supplements, and the entire program runs on progress rather than faith. As long as users continually improve their manifestation methods with nightly listening, The Divine Prayer holds limitless potential for everyone.

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