Sea Moss Gel by the Transformation Factory Review

The Transformation Factory is a company that produces sea moss gel in many forms and flavors. This superfood is linked to many health benefits, including weight loss, thyroid issues, immunity, and pain relief.

What is Sea Moss Gel?

Sea moss, sometimes referred to as Irish moss, is an incredible superfood. This type of red algae often is used for the carrageenan that is found in it, which is used for thickening ice cream and other dairy products. It can be used raw, but most consumers take it as a gummy, capsule, or gel. With the new opportunity through the Transformation Factor, consumers can check out sea moss in all of these forms from a reliable source.

Sea Moss Gel from the Transformation Factory provides an organic and wildcrafted form of sea moss that comes from water that has no pollution, fertilizer, or pesticide. All of their sea moss comes from sustainable farming that is then prepared in a vegan kitchen that uses alkaline spring water to blend with it to create the gel. The creators then use organic fruit and natural agave to offer a variety of flavors that don’t use any preservatives. Users always receive their orders in a cooling pack to keep the package fresh.

The Transformation Factor is run by Alexiou Gibson, who has already received the Martin Luther King Leadership Award, Global Citizen Aware, and more. He’s no stranger to this industry, allowing him to push others to pursue their passions. With the launch of this company (which Alexiou founded), the creators aimed to help with health issues that consumers regularly face. His launch allowed the personal struggles of his life – including a doctor’s belief that he would never see age 30 – to impact consumers positively who might go through the same.

Featured On Shark Tank

Some people might already be familiar with this brand of Sea Moss Gel because it was recently featured on a special episode of Shark Tank. The brand even got a $600,000 deal that paired Mark Cuban and special guest Kevin Hart.

When they were featured, Alexiou showed the Sharks the way that this gel helped him to lose 300 pounds naturally and safely. While other weight loss formulas with big claims like that seem to fall short or be dangerous, they show how the body easily tolerates this natural ingredient.

Even before Shark Tank, Alexiou began by tracking his journey on Instagram, using the sea moss to create lattes. When he saw interest from companies who wanted to try out his regimen, he knew he had something.

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How Sea Moss Gel Changes the Body

The reason that sea moss gel works so well is its superfood status, offering all but 10 of the 102 trace minerals that the human body already naturally contains. Most people don’t even have half of these trace minerals in the day. By supporting the body’s nutritional needs, it has the support necessary for weight loss.

Sea moss is often used as a solution for blood sugar issues, which is why it is helpful to people who struggle with diabetes. It also reduces cholesterol and provides other support for the immune system, which is why it is so beneficial to individuals who want to reduce their risk of heart disease. It offers natural sulfur in large quantities, helping the complexion to increase collagen levels and reduce the appearance of aging.

Along with the marketing for its weight loss benefits, users can rely on this remedy to reduce the toxins that can trigger inflammation and cause pain.

Buying Sea Moss

Users will have to visit the official website if they want to try out the Sea Moss Gel for themselves. However, the success that Alexiou has found has allowed him to create multiple types of ways for consumers to get sea moss. Most importantly, there are individual sea moss bottles.

Individual Sea Moss Gel Bottles

Using the Sea Moss Gel is the best way to get similar weight loss results to what the founder got. Users will need to use two tablespoons of the gel each day, and the number of servings is the same number of ounces of each bottle.

Almost all of the bottles start at $35.99 for an 8-ounce container, though users can also purchase 16oz or 32oz containers. While users can buy the Raw bottle for $30.99, the other flavors include pineapple, strawberry banana, strawberry, mango, elderberry, dragon fruit, soursop, and goji berry.

Wildcrafted Sea Moss Capsules

The Sea Moss Capsules are ideal for anyone who doesn’t want the gel’s flavor or consistency but still wants the benefits. They are also an excellent option for consumers who may not want to refrigerate their product, providing them with a 30-day supply with a 2-year shelf life. Users will need two capsules daily to get the support.

To get a 30-day supply of the capsules, the total cost is $27.99.

Raw Sea Moss

The Raw Sea Moss comes straight from the ocean farm at the Transformation Factory with no process. Users can check out the official website for recipes they can make with this remedy, including the instructions for a Vegan Chocolate Milkshake, Vegan Sea Moss Pancakes, and a Green Sea Moss Spinach Smoothie.

To get a bag of raw Irish sea moss, the total cost is $14.99.



Bundles can be an excellent way for consumers to save money on a larger order or try out the remedy themselves. The packages available in this category have different combinations that may appeal to new users and repeat customers alike.

The Customer’s Favorites Bundle gives users the top 3 favorite products – Pineapple Sea Moss, Strawberry & Banana Sea Moss, and Elderberry Sea Moss. The total cost of this bundle is $96.99.

The Tropical Bundle, which starts at $90.99, offers the Mango Sea Moss Gel, Pineapple Sea Moss Gel, and Dragon Fruit Sea Moss Gel.

The Immunity Bundle focuses on supporting the immune system with Elderberry Sea Moss, Goji Berry Sea Moss Gel, and Sea Moss Capsules. It starts at $99.99.

The Kid’s Bundle contains the remedies most loved by children. The bundle comprises Strawberry & Banana Sea Moss Gel, Pineapple Sea Moss Gel, and Dragon Fruit Sea Moss Gel, and the package starts at $90.99.

The Skin & Hair Bundle provides strength and improved skin and hair health. Starting at $88.99, this package includes Non-Flavored Sea Moss Gel, Goji Berry Sea Moss Gel, and Sea Moss Capsules.

The King’s & Queen’s Bundle gives users all eight flavors of the Sea Moss Gel for $246.99.


The Sea Moss Gel provides users with a way to take control of their weight loss without having to add medications or synthetic ingredients. The formulas are all easy to use, and consumers can choose which one has the stage of production that they want. Consumers who might not be sure about their website might want to check out the Shark Tank episode to watch the founder talk about this product that he’s so passionate about. The creators have different flavors to appeal to customers who like the taste, and capsules for the ones who don’t.

For more information or support, email the customer service team at support@seamosstransformation.com or call 725-900-8088.

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