How does serial flyer kid do it?

Apparently I am one of the few in America who has not seen the latest Indiana Jones movie.

Columnist overcomes sinking feeling

Ever met one of those people who seemingly can do everything? I know a guy like that.

Motorists must share the road

It was a drizzly, cold evening May 21 at the James Street Park and Ride lot in Kent.

Guns, freedom and common sense

Pretty much everyone agrees that people shouldn’t have guns in planes and bars. Guns don’t mix well with alcohol. But what about other places?

  • Jun 2, 2008

Politics the only reason for gun vote

Me thinks there is a political ploy at play.

  • Jun 2, 2008

An adventure in newspapering

I’ve always liked what Mark Twain said about being a newspaper editor: “I am not an editor of a newspaper and shall always try to do right and be good, so that God will not make me one.”

Street project will have long-term benefits

The Kent City Council voted April 1 to approve a major transportation improvement along South 224th Street. When completed, the three-lane roadway will connect 84th Avenue South (East Valley Highway) and 108th Avenue

  • Jun 2, 2008

A plan to care for our animals A plan to care for our animals

The subject of shelter animal care is an emotional issue, and one that until just recently divided us in county government. Strong feelings expressed from people in our community and the great number of emails and calls demonstrate how much we all care about the animals in our shelters. It is emotional because those of us with pets often consider them part of the family. It is especially painful to know that we aren’t giving the best care possible to the living, vulnerable and innocent creatures that are in our shelters because they were lost, unwanted or have been abused.

  • Jun 2, 2008

County must do right by its shelters

Elsewhere on this page is an article by Julia Patterson and Ron Sims. It’s worth reading.

  • Jun 2, 2008

Sheriff seeks greater oversight

The King County Charter is currently open for a review that occurs once every 10 years. The Charter Review Commission has been gathering information and deliberating, and will soon forward amendments they endorse to the County Council. The Council will consider those recommendations, then decide which amendments will be placed on the ballot this fall. The voters will have the final say.

  • Jun 2, 2008

Start penning those memoirs now

Dr. Michael DeBakey, the renowned heart surgeon, received the Congressional Medal of Honor recently. He’s going to be a hundred years old this year, so apparently somebody figured they better get to it.

Pot raids and the big picture

Kent P.D. is part of a multi-agency task force, including police departments all around the Puget Sound area, and the Drug Enforcement Administration, which announced a series of arrests and raids last week under the DEA moniker “Green Reaper.” The multiple arrests and the DEA press conference received quite a bit of coverage, and recounted the long-term investigation which involved the fraudulent purchase of over 400 Seattle-area homes to use as marijuana grow houses.

  • Jun 2, 2008

Gift took terror to new heights

After three decades of being married to the same woman, you would think a guy would have a pretty solid knowledge of that woman’s likes and dislikes. But on Mother’s Day, five years ago, I had an apparent brain cramp.

Whatever happened to customer service?

Is customer service dead as we know it? I’m not sure it’s dead, but the toe tag has been affixed and a priest has been called to administer last rites.

Whose values are adults teaching?

From steroid-using athletes to celebrities who bounce between clubs and rehab, today’s role models can leave a lot to be desired.

  • Jun 2, 2008

Levity goes a long way in politics

His race for Dufur public office was not going well. The voters in Dufur (DOO-fur), a small town in Oregon, were leaning to his opponent in overwhelming numbers – or at least as overwhelming as a town of 500 can muster.

Pledge of Allegiance or blind obedience?

Late last week four students from Dilworth, Minnesota were suspended from school. Not for carrying firearms, dealing drugs, or fighting during school hours. These four rebels with a clue were suspended for {gasp!} not standing during the Pledge of Allegiance!

Transportation: What went wrong and when

It’s expected that transportation will be the biggest local issue in the 2008 elections. Most people aren’t happy. But instead of trying to find scapegoats, let’s review some history to see why we’re paying higher transportation taxes for longer commutes.

  • Jun 2, 2008

Kent-Meridian turning things around

For many years Kent-Meridian High School was the last choice in the Kent School District.

  • Jun 2, 2008

County, port usher in new trail corridor

King County and the Port of Seattle made history May 12 when the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Eastside rail corridor was secured for public ownership. The Port of Seattle will pay the below-market value of $107 million to acquire the 42-mile corridor that stretches from Renton in the south up to the City of Snohomish in the north. King County will pay the port $1.9 million for a 26-mile easement for trail development that runs from Renton to Woodinville. As more and more people commute from South King County to Eastside cities, and vice versa, it is clear that our region needs more transportation options, as well as more recreational opportunities.

  • Jun 2, 2008