Kent Police Blotter: Nov. 9 to Dec. 5

Incidents include numerous store robberies and carjackings

A sampling of Kent Police incidents Nov. 9 to Dec. 5:

Nov. 9

Attempted carjacking: 2:28 a.m., officers were dispatched to an attempted carjacking and robbery at 7-Eleven, 10255 SE 240th St. SE. A man went inside to pay for gas with cash and on his way back to his vehicle he was confronted by four suspects wearing masks. One of the suspects pushed the man to the ground and they started to assault him. The suspects were able to get the man’s wallet which contained $600, and the man was able to escape the assault by getting into his vehicle. The suspects fled in a separate vehicle.

Shots fired at security: 3:46 a.m., officers were dispatched to a shooting with no injuries that occurred in the area of South 251st Street and Washington Avenue S. A man, who was armed security, had been following a couple suspects who he suspected were car prowling within the Signature Pointe Apartments complex. The security employee was wearing a uniform and driving a vehicle which was clearly marked as Dauntless Security. After following the suspect vehicle for a short time, someone from the suspect vehicle began to shoot at him. The security employee disengaged and was not hit.

Chevron robbery: 7:48 p.m., officers responded to a robbery that occurred at the Chevron station, 18015 East Valley Highway. The victim, an employee of the store, was in the back stocking shelves when the suspect entered the store. The victim went to the cash register and the suspect pulled out a gun and robbed the store.

Nov. 10

Denny’s robbery: 2:28 p.m., officers responded to a robbery with a gun at Denny’s, 1246 Central Ave. N. The suspects had walked into the restaurant and asked for the bathroom. The victim showed them where it was, and when the suspects returned, they both pointed guns at the victim. They demanded the victim open the cash register and took the money inside. They also demanded to get into their safe, but when they were told Denny’s didn’t have one the suspects ran out the front door. This robbery was also a part of another robbery series, many that occurred this day, where the suspects hit in Renton, Tukwila and King County jurisdictions.

Nov. 11

Carjacking: 4:20 a.m., officers were dispatched to a carjacking at the Chandler’s Bay Apartments, 1020 Central Ave. N. The victim had been communicating with a female for the past couple days on social media who asked him to come to the apartment complex to hook up. When he arrived, three male suspects contacted and assaulted him in the parking lot taking his keys and vehicle. The victim was injured and bleeding above his left eye. Des Moines Police located the vehicle at 6 a.m. on Nov. 12. The driver of the vehicle evaded capture after fleeing on foot.

Subway robbery: 6:09 a.m., officers were dispatched to a robbery at a Subway, 8433 S. 212th St. Two suspects entered the restaurant and robbed those inside. One of the victims had his wallet taken and the suspects took around $300 from the cash register. The suspects then fled.

Chevron robbery: 9:52 p.m., officers responded to a robbery at a Chevron station, 8315 S. 212th St. The victim was assisting a customer when two suspects entered the store armed with handguns. One suspect remained at the door pointing his handgun at the clerk. The second suspect went behind the counter and took money from the register along with vape supplies. Both suspects then fled the area in a vehicle.

Nov. 13

Warrant arrest: 10:02 p.m., officers proactively found a first-degree assault warrant subject in the 22400 block of 104th Ave. SE. The suspect was listed in a King County Sheriff’s Office bulletin with a $250,000 warrant. The suspect was booked into King County Jail.

Home burglary: 3:19 p.m., officers responded to an in progress residential burglary in the 25100 block of 116th Ave. SE. The homeowner was not on scene but saw security footage of someone kicking in their back door. Three teenaged children were home at the time of the burglary. Officers confirmed entry had been made and made immediate entry to check on the children. The children were found safe, but the suspects were gone. This was the second burglary at this residence since August. Marijuana grow equipment was found in the garage, but no marijuana was found.

Nov. 15

Home invasion robbery: 3:57 a.m., officers were dispatched to a home invasion robbery that occurred in the 12000 block of SE 209th St. The victims had been asleep when three armed suspects forced entry to conduct the robbery. The suspects targeted money, purses, phones, wallets and airpods, and marijuana.

Nov. 17

Threat with gun: 12:18 a.m., officers responded to threats with a weapon at a 7-Eleven, 10255 SE 240th St. The suspect came into the store and pointed a handgun the clerk. The suspect began to demand the keys to his vehicle, but he said he didn’t have one. The victim offered for the suspect to take the money from the register, but the suspect continued to demand his vehicle keys. The clerk ran into the back of the store and called 911. The suspect fled on foot, and then unsuccessfully tried to carjack a customer before running southbound.

Chevron robbery: 8:06 p.m., officers were dispatched to a hold up alarm which turned out to be a robbery at a Chevron station, 15209 SE 272nd St. Two suspects entered the store and one of them pulled a handgun on the clerk demanding money. The suspect with the gun moved closer to the register and when he reached to take money; the clerk tried to disarm the suspect. The suspect pulled away and again pointed the gun at the victim. The second suspect ran which appeared to prompt the suspect with the gun to run instead of shooting the clerk. This robbery matched a robbery that occurred prior in Renton.

Nov. 19

Shot fired at home: 8:25 p.m., officers were dispatched to a shooting at a residence in the 12000 block of SE 214th St. No one was injured and the suspect(s) fired at least 13 rounds into the occupied home.

Nov. 20

Home invasion robbery: 2:12 a.m., officers responded to another home invasion robbery, this time at a residence in the 13200 block of SE 273rd Court. The incident involved three suspects, armed with handguns, and targeting marijuana and money.

Stabbing: 7:16 a.m., officers were dispatched to a stabbing in the 1200 block of Weiland Street. Officers located the victim who had been stabbed in the arm. The victim provided vague information about the incident, but claimed he was stabbed near Kent Station. The victim was sent to the hospital for further medical treatment.

Apartment shooting: 11:24 p.m., officers were dispatched to a shooting that occurred inside an apartment within the Phoenix Court Apartments, 23913 111th Pl. SE. A group of suspects kicked down the apartment door, shot the victim in the ankle, and took his cellphone.

Nov. 21

Robbery: 8:27 p.m., officers were dispatched to an assault, which was a robbery, near the AMC Theater, 426 Ramsay Way. The female victim got off the bus, went to a store within Kent Station and was walking home with her purse and groceries when the incident occurred. She was by the parking garage when a male suspect abruptly tried to take her purse without saying anything. When the woman resisted, the suspect hit the victim repeatedly with a handgun across her head causing a laceration. The woman was transported to the hospital for treatment.

Carjacking: 10:48 p.m., officers were dispatched to a carjacking located within the Benson Village Apartments, 10820 SE 211th Pl. The victim was bleeding from the head. The victim’s phone and vehicle were taken during the attack, the phone was tracked to the Phoenix Court Apartments and officers recovered the vehicle unoccupied near the leasing office. The victim stated he went to the apartment complex (Benson Village) after meeting someone online, was asked to come to the parking lot, and when he arrived; a male suspect with a handgun assaulted him and took his belongings.

Nov. 22

Bank robbery: 3:36 p.m., officers were dispatched to a bank robbery at the US Bank, 10231 SE 240th St. Upon arrival employees told officers that the suspect came in and robbed the bank. No weapon was seen. They provided officers with a physical description and officers located the suspect across the street with the cash from the robbery.

Carjacking, shootout: 4:13 p.m., officers were dispatched to a carjacking at iRyde Auto Sales LLC, 730 Central Ave. N. The suspects had taken one of the businesses’ vehicles and a shootout between the suspects and employees occurred. No injuries were reported. The suspects were seen taking a vehicle from their lot and employees gave chase by driving another vehicle also taken from the business lot. The suspects eventually were blocked in traffic by other vehicles and a school bus, so the employees confronted the occupants. When this occurred, someone from within the vehicle began shooting at him so the employee returned fire. The other employee stated he heard gunfire and decided to shoot out the suspect vehicle tires. The stolen vehicle was later recovered unoccupied in the 1100 block of W. Meeker St. on Nov. 25 and impounded as evidence.

Nov. 23

Stuck on tracks: 7:51 a.m., while officers were heading to an unrelated call in the area, a vehicle fled from a collision at Central Avenue and Willis Street. The vehicle temporarily got stuck on the lane dividers at the BNSF tracks and was spinning its wheels in attempt to break free. The vehicle rolled backwards off the tracks just prior to a train passing and was pinned in by two patrol cars. The vehicle continued to attempt to flee, spinning its tires and creating a huge cloud of smoke. The driver was not responding to commands and eventually pepper balls were deployed into the vehicle. The driver attempted to flee on foot but was taken into custody. The vehicle was determined to be stolen and the driver appeared to be seriously impaired by drugs.

Robbery, capture: 12:22 p.m., officers were dispatched to a robbery at Farmers Insurance, 419 First Ave S. They were advised that gunshots were heard, and three subjects were seen running then got into a vehicle and fled the scene. The vehicle they fled in was reported stolen out of Kent. The suspect vehicle pulled up to the victims, got out, and immediately began to rob them of their belongings at gunpoint. One suspect fired a round into the ground during the process. The suspects took the victims belongings, then ran to their vehicle and fled the area. Officers ended up locating the stolen vehicle a short time later and a pursuit ensued. After several minutes, the vehicle was forcibly stopped, and all three suspects were taken into custody. Three firearms were also recovered.

Nov. 25

DUI, eluding: 10:11 a.m., officers responded to the Safeway at 13101 SE Kent Kangley Road for a possible DUI. A man had been slumped over the steering wheel for over an hour with drug paraphernalia in his lap. Terminators (spike strips) were placed in front of both front wheels of the vehicle. The driver woke up and refused to comply with officer’s commands to exit the vehicle. The driver put the vehicle into drive and drove over both Terminators which deflated his tires. The vehicle fled the parking lot, and a pursuit was authorized based on reasonable suspicion of DUI. The pursuit came to an end after a successful PIT (precision immobiliation technique with a vehicle) maneuverer was applied. The suspect led officers on a short foot pursuit but was apprehended, arrested and booked into King County jail for felony eluding and DUI. This arrest is at least his 27th time being arrested by police.

Nov. 28

Suspicious vehicle: 12:28 p.m., officers were dispatched to a suspicious vehicle parked in the front lawn of the reporting party’s vacant rental. Officers arrived on scene and saw a woman passed out at the wheel with burned foil in her lap. Terminators (spike strips) were placed under all the tires. The female woke up and sped off down the road with flat tires and collided with a citizen’s vehicle near Kent-Meridian High School. The suspect driver was taken into custody as she ran into the parking lot of the high school.

Carjacking: 6:34 p.m., officers were dispatched to a robbery involving a gun at the 7-Eleven store at 18010 East Valley Highway. The suspect had been dropped off by a white BMW sedan, then contacted the victim after he pumped gas and took the vehicle at gunpoint. The victim left his cellphone in his vehicle, it was tracked to a location in SeaTac, and a subject matching the suspect’s description ran upon seeing police. The suspect evaded capture and the victim’s vehicle was recovered.

Nov. 29

Shots fired at house: 12:52 a.m., officers were dispatched to a shooting at a residence in the 20600 block of 101st Avenue SE. There were 15 adults and children inside the residence when the incident occurred. Approximately five rounds were fired through the living room window and one of the residents thought it might have occurred due to their nephew frequenting the residence after recently being released from juvenile hall. No injuries were reported.

7-Eleven robbery: 10:02 p.m., officers were dispatched to a robbery at the 7-Eleven located at 18012 West Valley Hwy. The victim was working the front counter when two suspects entered the store. The suspects were armed with firearms and stole the money from the cash register and cigarettes. Officers reviewed the surveillance video and identified the suspect vehicle which was reported stolen out of Renton the day prior.

Dec. 1

Commercial burglary: 7:11 a.m., officers were dispatched to a commercial burglary at Harbor Freight Tools, 18128 East Valley Highway. Officers found that the suspects used a black SUV to ram the door and steal what they could load into the vehicle. Video surveillance was obtained.

Dec. 2

DV assault: 10:34 a.m., officers responded to a reported DV assault involving a man and his 16-year-old nephew who reportedly had threatened his uncle with a knife. Officers were confronted with a convoluted and complex series of accounts for what had happened when they arrived on scene. There had been a long and continuing history of behavioral issues with the 16-year-old. Officers were able to slow down and properly determine probable cause existed for the uncle, not the child, for Domestic Violence fourth-degree assault. The uncle was booked into the city jail.

Dec. 3

Commercial burglary: 1:12 a.m., officers were dispatched to a commercial burglary at C.A.R Firearms, 6613 S. 192nd Pl. A vehicle was used to smash in the front window of the business. The owners arrived and did not believe the suspect(s) gained entry to their stockpile of firearms.

Shell station robbery: 8:17 p.m., officers were dispatched to a robbery at a Shell gas station, 23953 104th Ave. SE. Two masked suspects robbed him at gunpoint taking the money from the register and cigarettes behind the counter.

Dec. 4

Attempted vehicle theft: 12:18 p.m., officers were dispatched to an attempted auto theft after the vehicle owner found a suspect inside their vehicle altering the ignition with power tools. When confronted by the vehicle owner, the suspect took off on foot. The suspect was located hiding in bushes, safely taken into custody and interviewed. Suspect provided the arresting officer with a full confession and was found to be in possession of the tools used in the vehicle theft attempt.

Dec. 5

Carjacking: 9:49 p.m., officers were dispatched to a carjacking at the Highland Green Apartments, 23725 101st Ave. S. The victim had just returned from shopping and had backed into her parking stall. She noticed a gray-colored sedan (possibly a Honda) with no license plates, parked nearby and a white male wearing a puffy jacket exiting the front passenger seat. The subject pointed a gun at her and demanded the keys to her vehicle which she provided. The subject could not figure out how to place the vehicle into gear and ordered the victim to assist, which she did fearing she would be shot otherwise. Her vehicle as well as the gray-colored sedan left going south on 102nd Avenue SE toward SE 240th St. An extensive area check was conducted without locating the vehicles.

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